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INTERVIEW: Onyekachi Iroha the MICRO-BLADING Artist


INTERVIEW: Onyekachi Iroha the MICRO-BLADING Artist

INTERVIEW: Onyekachi Iroha the MICRO-BLADING Artist

MAFBE recently caught up with the beauty expert Onyekachi Iroha of the Beauty Atelier as she visited Abuja for a beauty master class on microblading. The event titled the Hair & Beauty Tour Series was in collaboration with Trayciees Pieces Wi Company, DYZN, The Wedding Guru, The Wedding Mall and a host of other brands.  This semi-permanent beauty treatment is the new fix to perfect eyebrows. Here is what Onyekachi had to say about microblading.

MAFBE: What is your name?

Kachi:  Onyekachi iroha


MAFBE: What is your business name?

Kachi:   The beauty atelier


MAFBE: What is micro blading?

Kachi:   Micro blading is a form of tattoo artistry where pigment is implanted under the skin using a hand tool instead of a machine.

Drawing hair like strokes with the tool to mimic natural hair in the brows.


MAFBE: Is micro blading painful?

Kachi:   Pain is relative. Some feel more than others; overall, it feels like little scratches.


MAFBE: How long does it take?

Kachi: It takes two hours or more to be done depending on how full the natural brow is.


MAFBE: How long does the service last?

Kachi:   Between 18-24 months depending on the skin type and the care before the pigment will start fading slowly.


MAFBE: Can everyone get micro blading/

Kachi:  No. everyone cannot get micro blading. There must be a doctor’s report form before anyone can get micro blading.


MAFBE: How much does the service cost?

Kachi:  It cost ₦126 000 only


Phone number: 08099475555      Email address:

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