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INTERVIEW: Traycieespieces wig Installation


INTERVIEW: Traycieespieces wig Installation

INTERVIEW: Traycieespieces wig Installation

      MAFBE: What is your name?

Tracy: Tracy


      MAFBE: What is your business name?

Tracy: Traycieespieces wig company


      MAFBE: What is the event all about?

Tracy: It is a three day hair and beauty tour series

Day one: Hairline Customization micro blading, eyelash extension.

Day Two: Private Consultation

Day Three: Live demo, the process of wig installation, everything about micro blading.


      MAFBE: What the keys to maintaining your wig?

Tracy:     i. Wash with conditioner every two weeks

  1. Do not dry with a hand dryer because it disfigures the wig

iii. Have the wig styled professionally.


      MAFBE: What do you prefer, brush or comb?

Tracy:   Brush. Use the wide tooth hair brush because it allows the hair to go freely                        without pulling it.


      MAFBE: What tips do you have for the first time wig owners?


  • They should start with a simple wig in that way they will get used to it.
  • Do not squeeze the wig
  • Always take off the wig and hang on the wig stand before going to bed. The wig stand helps to keep the wig in shape.

Phone number: 08126053237

Email Address:


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