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Le Victoria By Zephans and co releases new collection


Le Victoria By Zephans and co releases new collection

Le Victoria By Zephans and co releases new collection

Womenswear brand Le Victoria By Zephans & Co just released a new collection that features chic, elegant and sophisticated pieces that are sight for sore eyes. 

Year after year the brand offers dashing silhouettes and simple designs that celebrate femininity. The new collection is made up of floral jumpsuits, midi dresses, figure hugging dresses with ruffles on the side, off the shoulder pieces and designs with big fluffy sleeves.

Le-Victoria-Levictoria-By-Zephans-and-Co-Collection 2

Le-Victoria-Levictoria-By-Zephans-and-Co-Collection 3

Le-Victoria-Levictoria-By-Zephans-and-Co-Collection 5

Le-Victoria-Levictoria-By-Zephans-and-Co-Collection 7

Le-Victoria-Levictoria-By-Zephans-and-Co-Collection 8

Le-Victoria-Levictoria-By-Zephans-and-Co-Collection 10

Le-Victoria-Levictoria-By-Zephans-and-Co-Collection 11

Le-Victoria-Levictoria-By-Zephans-and-Co-Collection 13

Le-Victoria-Levictoria-By-Zephans-and-Co-Collection 14

Le-Victoria-Levictoria-By-Zephans-and-Co-Collection 4

Le-Victoria-Levictoria-By-Zephans-and-Co-Collection 6

Le-Victoria-Levictoria-By-Zephans-and-Co-Collection 9

Le-Victoria-Levictoria-By-Zephans-and-Co-Collection 12

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