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My Dad Was Not Part Of My Life – Yvonne Nelson

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My Dad Was Not Part Of My Life – Yvonne Nelson

We have always seen the mother of Yvonne Nelson but not the father. The man is still alive but he is not a part of success.

This is the reason why she has given him the backstage of her life while her mum handles the fame aspect.

She narrates her story “My dad was not a part of my life because he wasn’t there for me. So, I almost do not say anything about him because there is no relationship or love between us. My dad is like any other person out there because I didn’t have a chance to develop a relationship with him. We have each other’s phone numbers and he calls me when he feels like talking to me. It always feels like talking to a random person because there are absolutely no feelings whatsoever.”

She went on to say “Sometimes our society makes it hard for us talk about things like this. But, it’s my story and I don’t have any other way to say it and I don’t want to sugar-coat it. He was never a part of my life and it is quiet unfortunate. ”

This doesn’t mean that father and daughter are not talking”We actually have an ‘okay’ relationship and it’s not like I won’t talk to him if I see him today.But it ends there because we do not have a relationship. Talking to him is like talking to someone you don’t know.”






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