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Sunny Days are Here! Protect Your Skin from Sunburn with these 5 Easy Tips


Sunny Days are Here! Protect Your Skin from Sunburn with these 5 Easy Tips

Sunny Days are Here! Protect Your Skin from Sunburn with these 5 Easy Tips


Just like with building, if the foundation isn’t right the builders build in vain, same applies to makeup. Great skin is the first step to achieving a flawless makeup look and if your skin is flawed, there is no amount of makeup that can repair or cover up that damage.

In this series, we’ll be sharing various skincare tips to help you achieve and maintain great skin so you always look flawless, even with a bare face!

Being in a hotter climate like Nigeria makes it almost impossible to maintain your actual skin tone. It is really difficult to avoid being sunburned especially if you have to be outside from 9 am to 4 pm daily. The weather could get incredibly hot, and the only other option is to stay at home and protect yourself from any possible harm the sun might cause, but we all know that is not an option if you have work that needs to be done outside.

Most times, you find out that when you leave a country with a cooler climate and you move over to a more harsher climate, you tend to look darker than usual and the stress of having to answer that “You are dark o” can be overwhelmingly sad because you are not who you used to be. Knowing how intense the sun gets, how do we get to avoid all these? BN Beauty shares 5 possible ideas you can use to prevent sunburns.


The use of sunscreen is very essential in this part of the world. Not only does it protect your skin from possible sun damage, it keeps your skin tone intact. Sunscreen is a lotion that absorbs the sun on our skin, therefore, it protects our skin against sunburn. Skin-lightening products have sunscreen because lighter skin tones are more susceptible to sun damage than darker skin tones due to high amounts of melanin.

Long Sleeve Chiffon Blouses

You know that moment when you are having your bath, and then you realize that some parts of your skin are lighter than other parts? That’s because you cover up some parts more than others and we can relate. Yes! We all know that it’s never a great decision to wear long sleeves during the sunny days, but if you want to protect your arms and legs then you have to, at least by wearing long-sleeve chiffon blouses. Chiffon is a light, transparent fabric typically made of silk or nylon. This fabric is the perfect clothing option to try.

Cold Shower

Having a cold shower is never overrated. It is the perfect and most natural way to maintain your skin tone in such harsh climate. Try to bathe after you have visited the outside world, before you sleep, when you wake up, even after a night out. In fact, bathe every moment you get the chance to and I promise you, as long as your body is cool at all times, the sun has got nothing on you.

Face Cap or Sun Hat

This is a very interesting technique because most of us have forgotten the actual usage of a face cap.  It is to protect your face not your bad hair day or to hide from that boy, but to protect your face from the sun. Of course, we can wear our face caps on days that pleases us, but putting on face caps on days that are too sunny to be funny, remember that your face cap is there to protect that part of your body. For our BellaStylistas, a wide rimmed sun hat will be perfect!

An Umbrella

Although with the umbrella you can feel the hotness of the umbrella from the sun, the good thing is, it is not directly on your skin and ultimately it can’t burn you until it gains direct contact. Buy a cute one that folds up into a smaller size to make it convenient to carry around.

So guys, there you have it! Let us know if there is any topic you would love to be discussed on this BN Skincare series. Hope you enjoyed it, leave comments with extra tips we may have missed.

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